Why We Are Here to Help

Mediation is an opportunity to resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, both in family and civil disputes.  A protracted and combative environment of divorce litigation is toxic to the couple and any children involved.  Likewise, in the civil context, lengthy litigation will deplete financial resources and valuable time.  Mediation allows the parties involved in a dispute to sit with a neutral third party who will facilitate dialogue to reach an amicable resolution. 

Electing mediation over litigation serves the needs of the parties with important benefits such as:

  • A speedy resolution process in comparison to months or years spent in court
  • Flexibility in allowing the parties to meet at times and in a manner most convenient to their schedule
  • A more confidential and private setting than a courtroom
  • Helping to preserve the potential future relationship of the parties, particularly in family settings involving children
  • Resolving conflicts at a fraction of the costs of litigation

If you find yourself at a crossroads in your life or business, we are here to help. Choose mediation services to help preserve your time and energy, some of life’s most valuable resources!  

There are so many families and individuals who feel like they need a little help navigating the legal forms and paperwork, specific to their matter, however, they also feel like they either cannot afford an attorney or that their matter does not warrant the services of an attorney. As a certified Legal Document preparer, our services are happily in the middle. We are here to assist with the forms and processes that may be unfamiliar and frightening to most.

We do not provide legal advice, but have many useful resources on hand, such as the court’s fillable forms and legal templates. Below are some links many people find helpful. It is also important for you to educate yourself on the requirements and local codes/forms within your county of residence.




Sometimes, your needs are beyond the scope of a Legal Document Preparer and you need an attorney. Our office has a small network of attorneys that we work with and are happy to provide a referral. However, there are additional resources available to you so that you may seek out the most appropriate course for you and your interests. Additional resources are:




 The more you know, the more you know.

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